Really Useful Box 18l

Transparent Box. Interior: 395mm x 335mm x 170mm. Exterior: 480mm x 390mm x 170mm.

These Really Useful Boxes are transparent, solid plastic boxes for multi-purpose storage. The 18 litre boxes come with a lid and clip lock handles to keep the contents secure. They can be used for storing a range of items such as office supplies, school stationery, crafts & knitting items, electrical DIY equipment, cleaning products and many more. They can also be used to store CDs or DVDs, and can hold 44 DVDs or 93 CDs. Made from sturdy polypropylene, these storage boxes are extremely durable, and transparent to allow easy identification of contents. These boxes can be easily stacked on top of each other, offering a handy space-saving option. Thes 18 litre Really Useful Boxes are ideal for home, office, school and arts and crafts storage.





  • Specifications
  • MaterialPolypropylene
  • Interior Size 395mm x 335mm x 170mm

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